Just What Exactly Is ‘The Purge’ Actually About?

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  • Wisecrack, the YouTube channel that asked if Zootopia was racist, is back. Its series Earthling Cinema, which examines the deeper meaning in film, is taking a look at the borderline nonsensical horror film The Purge.

    Alien host Garyx Wormuloid (played by Mark Schroeder) addresses the audience first, displaying the DVD cover of the film as if it’s a lost artifact. He then dives into a summary of the film, before finally getting to the deeper/hidden meanings.

    For The Purge, Wormuloid says that Ethan Hawke’s character James is the best security system salesman this side of the Mississippi. An important job, in a society with the purge. The family, which doesn’t participate in the 12 hour a year event (“it’s almost worse than not having it at all”), locks their doors to the outside. Unfortunately, the daughter’s boyfriend and a homeless man slip in last second. This sets up the film’s conflict.

    Some bad people come a-knockin’, looking for the homeless man. The father James, AKA Ethan Hawke, kills the boyfriend, because he’s being stupid. The bad people, who are quite young, disable the security system, and get inside. They are killed by the family, until the douche leader (SPOILER ALERT FOR A THREE YEAR OLD MOVIE) kills James (Ethan Hawke). The neighbors kill the rest, and then plan to kill the family… when suddenly the homeless man beats up the neighbors.

    The hidden meaning has a lot to do with Christianity, and with the two sides of a person’s psyche, the positive and the negative. There’s a lot of symbolism in the film to both these extents, as well as to the Purge resembling the class war that the war on drugs has been.

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