Natalie Portman Is Stunning in First Teaser for ‘Jackie’

  • Natalie Portman as Jackie O in “Jackie”

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  • It’s hard to make Natalie Portman look bad. She’s an Oscar winner, an accomplished actor, and has also lip-synced with Sia on Jimmy Fallon.

    But Jackie is going to take Portman to a whole new level of iconic. Check out the teaser trailer right here:

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  • Her presence and body language seems to embody the likeness of the former First Lady, and this is definitely going to be a must-see in December. According to Vanity Fair, Portman went through extensive role research to perfect her performance.

    “Portman’s preparation included working with a voice coach to perfect Kennedy’s mid-Atlantic, by way of Miss Porter’s finishing school, dialect. She also exhaustively researched—diving into anything and everything written about, recorded of, and filmed about Kennedy—discovering Kennedy’s great love of history and understanding that it was up to her, even when suffering through unspeakable personal tragedy, to cement her husband’s legacy. By the time Portman got to set, she was so immersed in the character that Larraín says a third of the movie was made with single takes—and he never needed more than five.”

    Portman’s dedication to the role stems from the impact Jackie O had on American history.

    Jackie was hailed as one of the most accomplished and admired women of the 20th century by Gallup Inc, and her late husband John F. Kennedy openly credited her with his presidential win. Not to mention she had incredible style and an iconic pink Chanel suit that was the envy of the 1960’s.

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  • The film covers the story of Jackie’s grief over the four days following her husband John F. Kennedy’s death, through the perspective of post traumatic stress disorder; not an easy feat to accomplish. There’s no doubt that this movie will make waves, and more than likely snag a few Oscar noms. Counting down the days till December 2nd!

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