Tom Cruise’s ‘The Mummy’ Reboot Has a Very Bad Trailer

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  • This is just a very bad trailer. Tom Cruise does many good films, like the Mission Impossible franchise, so I don’t feel bad saying it. But this looks… awful. The trailer just looks… awful. If you want to see a good trailer, here’s one for a nonexistent Burberry film.

    It makes me miss the days of Brendan Fraser, because at least his Mummy franchise gave us the Rock. And was also somewhat good, or at least light-hearted. This trailer has plenty of problems. Let’s count them! One, the screaming when Tom Cruise is falling. It sounds like he’s never screamed before, and this is an action star. Two, the bats flying through the windshield is 90’s level CGI.

    The trailer also doesn’t really serve any purpose except meeting the characters. The Mummy doesn’t do anything cool besides crash a plane, and it’s more important that we meet the actors in the film – from Tom Cruise to Sofia Boutella (aka the super cool super evil warrior in Kingsman). There’s also Russell Crowe, Jake Johnson (New Girl), Courtney B Vance (American Crime Story: OJ), and Annabelle Wallis (Peaky Blinders).

    Then there’s the tone. The ’99 Mummy had moments of goofy adventurousness. This looks like a straight-up super-serious action flick. When did movies stop being fun?

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