The New ‘Transformers’ Trailer Contains a Robot Dragon

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  • Michael Bay’s Transformers: The Last Knight has seen some controversy. Now, though, the movie has launched its first teaser trailer. It contains a sneak peek at the latest venture in the Transformers franchise. That sneak peek includes a robotic dragon. And an evil Optimus Prime.

    Mark Wahlberg is back for the new one, and so is Josh Duhamel. Sir Anthony Hopkins also joins the cast, looking like some sort of historian. I don’t think this will be Hopkins’ greatest role, but he adds some credibility to the franchise.

    Optimus Prime, looking like a dead bot, is launched into space. The world is now embroiled in a bitter war between humans and the evil robots. Mind you, these are not Decepticons, but other different evil robots.

    The teaser trailer also shows some other wars, and speaks about sacrifices. It still feels like the movie will be mindless fun, but at least some people are going to remember their (fictionalized) history, so that’s something?

    Anyway, this whole thing is just as insane and over-the-top as you’d expect from a Michael Bay movie. So if that’s your thing, great!

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