The Emoji Movie Is Sure To Leave Us All Feeling “>:(“

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  • Remember The Lego Movie that adorable film filled with clever jokes, unique visuals and an all star cast? Imagine watching that and going “haha, I guess anything can be made into a movie!” See, because that’s the lesson the makers of The Emoji Movie seem to have taken away.

    Apparently the plot of the movie seems to be about the Emojis leaving the world of texts and exploring the other apps, one of which, if the trailer is to be believed, is Crackle, the app most famous for having a seemingly endless trove of Adam Sandler content.

    Also there’s a man made of poop in this movie so IDK, maybe it’s perfect.

    What do you think of the emoji movie? Outside of its obvious perfection for having a man made of excrement? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending, and remember — we’ve brought this on ourselves.