Cool New Star Wars Film Reveals Cool New Title

  • We here at trend mill What’s Trending love the nerd rumor mill. We love getting hints of who’s playing the new Spider-Man from just DNA strand alone, or wether that thing is a broken down leather chair, or everyone’s favorite new alien from the new Star Wars. And here we are. We’re here fresh with something new and nerdy — the new title for Star Wars: Episode VIII. We had The Force Awakens. Before that — A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi and now… now… NOW!!

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  • …We have…The Last Jedi! Ooo, so spooky! Who is The Last Jedi!? Is it Luke Skywalker?? Is it Rey!? Is it me!? Am I the last Jedi!? Oh gosh, I sure hope it’s me!

    In any case, be prepared to utter that title aloud at nerd conversation all over the world, arguing well into old age that The Last Jedi IS better than The Force Runs Around Being Very Silly, which I am 100% sure will be the title of the ninth one.

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