Suicide Squad Has An Oscar Now

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  • Ah, the Academy Awards. A night of class, refinement, and a night to celebrate the best film making has to offer. For example, did you hear Suicide Squad just won an Academy Award for Best Make Up? That’s right nerds! You might have laughed it up at the Joker’s ridiculous looking mall rock inspired damaged tattoo, but listen up you garbage fiends! You are the true trash here! Because whomever made the decision to scrawl “Damaged” in cursive over the Leto Joker’s face — no doubt as he was in between used condom delivery to all of his co-stars, is going home an Oscar Laden gentleman. Oh yes, my friends!

    Did you know The Dark Knight did not win for best make up? That’s right, Jared Leto’s look is technically better than Heath Ledger’s oh baby! Oh yeah!

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  • Oh heck yeah, my man! Look, we have to admit that Suicide Squad certainly had a lot of intense and impressive costumes, but it also had the worst superhero movie looks this side of a benippled Joel Schumacher Bat-Suit. So you know. We have a good time here.

    Will you get the word “Damaged” tattooed on your forehead? Let me know, my man. Comments, Twitter at @WhatsTrending, whatever.