Doug the Pug Recreates Beauty and the Beast

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  • Tale as old as bark. Woof as it can be. Barely sniffed some butts, they are pugs not mutts… Girl Pug and the Pug…

    You heard us correctly, our favorite, non terrified, cos-playing pug, Doug, is back at it again and the Disney Beauty and the Beast fever hasn’t missed our favorite living cartoon animal, as the cute little fella dressed up as the beast to serenade his beauty — a Pug wearing Belle’s beautiful golden gown. Doug the Pug, you are our favorite costume wearing dog, and we respect the effort you put into this costume — or your owner did I guess.

    Remember when the Doug the Pug dressed up as the kids from Stranger Things? What are you going to be next Doug the Pug? Will you don an undershirt, some dog tags, and look all gritty as the star of Logan But With A Pug? A regular Puglerine? Oh, I hope so!

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