Gunslinger Trailer Is Loaded with Easter Eggs

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  • Friends, countrymen. Horror fans, genre loving weirdos. Stephen King heads, and just generally good movie loving people. There has been one trailer you’ve been waiting for since you’ve learned to read all the way in the 1980’s, poring over thousand page horror novels you finish in a day, and that is the one to the Dark Tower series — the saga of the Gunslinger hunting down the villainous Man in Black to stop him from destroying the titular tower. Fans have been waiting for the trailer for ages and at long last — here it is!

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  • Witness! Gawk at! And gaze upon Idris Elba as the Gunslinger! Stare at! Rub your eyes in horror and shock at Matthew McConaughey as the villainous man in black! Will they duel!? Who knows! Even the most ardent Stephen King fans won’t be able to predict what happens here, as this will be a new take on the series — something about a little kid by the Gunslinger’s side!? I don’t know! But if you want to see Idris Elba shoot some evil, evil laundry, this is 100% the trailer for you.

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  • Also, is that the Overlook Hotel in the trailer?! Holy goodness! That’s insane! Is this Dark Tower film connected to The Shining? And that figurine holding the horn… if you’re a Stephen King fan this thing is not meaningless… hmmm…

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  • This is the second Stephen King trailer to drop this year that has had fans brimming with excitement. The trailer for It has had fans shaking with delight, and with Stranger things, it feels like Stephen King is experience a late career resurgence.

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