Frozen Unveils New Trailer For Olaf Adventure

  • Friends, take thyself back to a year. The year of 2013. A year which gave us many… many things. Sure, we can recount them. But instead let’s focus on one little gem of popular culture — one that truly put Disney Animation back on the top of the food chain after almost two decades of languish behind Pixar — Frozen. People loved Frozen, critics loved Frozen, even the Academy loved Frozen, so the release of any new Frozen material is always an event — even if the material is about Josh Gad voiced snow manchild, Olaf! Olaf’s kind heart and sweet sacrificial nature carried Frozen to the finish line, and the new Olaf centered short — the very simply titled “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure”, looks delightful.

    In the short, Olaf helps a SADD affected Elsa and Anna, heartbroken that they have no holiday traditions — find a few of their own. In the trailer we see Olaf going from house to house, misunderstanding Christmas trees and — getting into trouble!? No, Olaf, no!

    The short is set to premiere before the upcoming “Day of the Dead” themed Pixar film “Coco”, and is sure to rope in fans. But who cares about those future guys, what do you think in the right now time? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.