Daniel Craig Returning To Play James Bond

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    Source: nerdist.com

  • There has been a lot of discussion about just who the new James Bond should be, as Daniel Craig has complained more and more about his hatred and inability to play the role. Some have said the role should go to a woman, while others have said it should go to an African American man — with Idris Elba as the ever popular internet front runner for the part (that would be great). Then Tom Holland was crowned as the new Bond — but lo! Another monkey wrench into the works — Daniel Craig is returning as James Bond after all for the yet untitled twenty fifth Bond movie.

    Y—yay? I gotta say this news is about as neutral as it seems. Things stay the same!?!?! Is anyone excited about this outside of some weird 18 year old nostalgist who goes “Good! The bond films will stay as good as they were when the earliest Bond film I can remember came out — Casino Royale!”


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