RUN the JEWELS Premieres New Music Video Starring RICK and MORTY


  • So musicians are really loving Rick and Morty, huh? Earlier this year Deadmau5 let Rick and Morty ring in the New Year at one of his concerts, and Logic got the celebrities, known as cartoon characters, Rick and Morty to introduce his mixtape “Bobby Tarantino II” with an argument about whether or not Logic’s albums are different than his mixtapes. Now, another terribly cool artist has used the incredible 2018 power of Rick and Morty to produce some of his work as Run the Jewels released a music video for their 2016 track “Mama” as a Rick and Morty short.

    The short shows Rick and Morty taking on the roles of the Men in Black, hunting down aliens, stealing fetuses and growing them in little tubes — ending with Rick dumping Morty through a trap door and evilly looking at a purple glow in his suitcase. Maybe they were more Pulp Fiction than Men in Black after all. Hmm.

    The visuals are beautiful, panoramic and the animation is incredible. The video is meant to promote the upcoming Adult Swim Festival in Los Angeles. The Adult Swim Festival will include Run the Jewels, and so many more comedians, musical artists, games and apparently “eye-opening experiences” according to the website. We can’t wait. Here’s hoping Rick and Morty will come to record an intro to all of my What’s Trending entries.

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