Someone Edited Tommy Wiseau Into the Dark Knight and It’s Legit Upsetting


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  • A few days back, Nerdist did something which we can only describe as an “experiment,” and like so many experiments, they were more focused on if they could do it and less if they should do it. But do it they did, and lo and behold, they got Tommy Wiseau into some Joker makeup and got the naturally unsettling director, famous for creating the beloved awful movie “The Room,” to say some lines as the Heath Ledger’s Joker from “The Dark Knight.” And, folks… he did it. It was easily the most upsetting Joker since that one on Halloween who delivered all those babies. Yeesh.

  • And maybe seeing Tommy Wiseau in The Dark Knight just wasn’t enough for some viewers, because one fan edited this Joker Wiseau into %he Dark Knight and the sight we get is… unsettling. Gone is Heath Ledger’s Bugs Bunny-inspired, hyper-intelligent anarchy laden creep, and instead we get… a big old normal creep. You know, from real life. Honestly, if this is what the Joker actually feels like to be around in the DCU, I get why everyone hates him. That and all the crime. Blegh.

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