Lindsay Lohan Announces New Project: Being the Face of a Lawyer Website?


  • In the life of every public figure whose life can be divided into eras, there’s always the era of their life when things get a little weird. Orson Welles famously shilled for peas, Adam Sandler is still continuing to pump out weirdly rushed movie after weirdly rushed movie — and now we have Lindsay Lohan. Yes — we’re talking about spokeswoman Lindsay Lohan.

    Lindsay Lohan we remember best as being the star of family fare such as Freaky Friday and Mean Girls before being involved in non-family fare such as DUIs, car accidents, drug problems, etc. Her place in the entertainment industry then came into a weird place, where she could be seen in a strange campy fare, such as Paul Schrader’s The Canyon’s, or the biopic Liz & Dick, before finally settling into her true calling… being the face of

    In a video posted to the site, Lindsay Lohan makes light of her past legal troubles (which now, instead of being troubling facets of her personality, are nostalgia and actually very fun), and discusses her role with Lindsay Lohan will act as a brand consultant to what looks like a very dry and boring website with a lot of money flowing through it, and will keep doing things to keep us focused on the machinations of a website that is probably the result of some rich guy sitting on a domain for far too long. Oh look, here are some bloopers. Oh, it’s so close to being human!

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