Get Ready to Cry — the Trailer for the Mr. Rogers Documentary Is Here

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  • Mr. Rogers has went from being a steadily loved, sometimes maligned by the moody teen crowd, PBS staple to becoming an icon of massive proportions. In an era when hate governs so much of our culture and politics, is it any wonder why a movie about a man who wants only to love and inspires others to love has had such a culture splash in the past few months? Enter then, Morgan Neville’s upcoming documentary “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” Watch the trailer, and I promise you, by the end, you will absolutely cry.

    The trailer showcases Mr. Rogers’ famous kindness, as we see him speak out against bigotry by letting an African American mailman share a pool with him, as we see him treat kids with absolute kindness, and ending the trailer with the proclamation: “Love is at the root of everything: all learning, all relationships. Love, or the lack of it.” Beautiful. I can’t wait for the movie during which I no doubt will be a sobbing red-faced mess. It will be ugly, and Mr. Rogers will continue to be more wonderful as we find out more and more about him.

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