VIDEO: Adult Swim Premieres Weird Rick and Morty Short for April Fool’s


  • Ever since Rick and Morty went from “the Community guys’ other project” to “well what did McDonald’s expect not making enough tiny sauce packets” level of cultural institution, talks about delays over Season 4 of the show have become mainstream news, with contract negotiations being the reason behind the delays of the upcoming season. But it doesn’t mean that Adult Swim’s biggest show is going to be missing out on their annual April Fool’s prank! Last year’s April Fool’s prank was a — wait for it— surprise premiere of Season 3, showing the finale to a much teased cliffhanger involving Rick’s escape from some kind of crazy super space jail. This year, with no Rick and Morty clip to show, Adult Swim instead premiered something… odd.

    ”Bushworld Adventures” was the new, insane, bizarre and non-canonical episode of Rick and Morty, as created by animator Michael Cusack, is somehow more vulgar and cruel than the series most famously predicated on being just that. Rick is more abusive, their kills involve people much more vulnerable than your usual space super cop. It’s the kind of weird unexpected move we love to see from Adult Swim, and here’s hoping there’ll be more of that in the future until Season 4 arrives in 2031.

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