VIDEO: Jenna Fischer Goes on Kimmel in a TOWEL


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  • Jenna Fischer we remember best as the awkward go-getter Pam from NBC’s “The Office”, but maybe the star and her most famous character aren’t too far apart. When Jenna Fischer’s dress’s zipper broke right before her big appearance on the ABC late-night talk show, the star soldiered on and came out in jeans and a towel in order to promote her new show, “Splitting Up Together.”

    It was an absolutely charming move, as Jenna Fischer came out holding her destroyed dress, and explained that as a Missouri girl, she understands that “the show must go on.” Jenna then talks about how she’s freaking out that she’s on a talk show in a towel, but she’s physically incredibly comfortable. Kimmel discusses how it seems like he ran into Jenna at a spa, and it’s kind of awkward but it’s mostly okay.

    Jenna Fischer then discusses her new show (it’s on ABC — on the same night as Black-ish and Roseanne), and hey — if it wasn’t for the towel, I would have never known about this thing. Kudos, Ms. Fischer!

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