"This may be the blackest Black Jeopardy yet."
  • In one of the more brilliantly satirical sketches SNL has done in recent years, we see Chadwick Boseman — an actor best known for playing Black Panther in Marvel’s movie of the same name — try to figure out black American culture in the form of Black Jeopardy. The sketch is excellent, as the categories of “Grown Ass,” “Aw Hell No,” “Finna,” “Girl Bye,” “I Ain’t Got It,” and “White People” throw off the peaceful nation king, T’Challah. T’Challah answers questions discussing how we should support the police, honor your grandmother’s role in the foundation of the family by putting her name on the cable bill, and how he will send his growing daughter into one of Wakanda’s many free universities, until finally, Black Panther aces the question of what to do with the potato salad of a white woman named Karen.

    It’s a wonderful sketch and has rightfully been celebrated all over the Internet, with Kenan’s incredible performance being a standout aspect of the video.

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