Jamie Loftus’ “Irrational Fears” Is Going to Mess With Your Brain


  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • When we last wrote about Jamie Loftus, it was about her heroic eatings of a copy of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest at various events. And look — we understand the power of eating a big old book at the Gay Pride Parade and Wrestlemania, but the powers that be recognizing it? Well, that’s just delightful. Jamie Loftus is back with a Comedy Central web series, titled “Irrational Fears.”

  • “Irrational Fears,” which has had three episodes dropping thus far, explores Jamie’s anxieties with worst-case scenarios being the ultimate end-all. The three fears so far — “My Hamster Hates Me,” “Asking For A Raise,” and “Texting.” One of them ends with Kroll Show star Jon Daly with a machete, but far be it from us to spoil which one it is. Check them out — jeez. I gotta do everything for you?

  • Anyway, Jamie Loftus is easily one of my favorite comedians in Los Angeles and, just to be on the up and up, a friend. So, watch the series — come for the absurdist depictions of the fears each of us faces, and stay for the conversation of whether or not a slutty hamster deserves a name. Enjoy.

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