Toddler TERRIFIES Mother With Accidental Recreation of Stephen King’s “It”


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  • “Hi there, Georgie.”

    Those are the first immortal words of Pennywise the Clown when he encounters and ultimately kidnaps, Georgie, the younger brother of one of the protagonists of Stephen King’s “It.” It’s a scene notable as much for its creepiness as anything else, as Pennywise drags Georgie through a grate into the sewers where he lives, and soon taunts the other kids in town by talking in the voices of those he kidnapped from the pipes.

    This is the set up I need for the tale of this mother who was absolutely terrified when her toddler went up to the drain in their sink and whispered: “Hi Georgie.” And according to the child’s mother, the toddler has never seen a scary movie in their life, much less “It.” So what could the child be looking at? Well…

  • It’s just Peppa Pig’s brother George stuck in the sink! Not fictional character Georgie at all. Phew — the Stephen King universe is still confined to pages… for now.

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