Celebrate 4/20 With Video of People Stoned on the News

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • Folks, I think it’s almost an understatement to say the following — 4/20 is the holiest day of the year for a variety of people, both good and bad, on this platform that we so generously have named “The Internet”, and thus we celebrate. We ask ourselves: “Why is 4/20 holy? When is 4/20 holy? Can I see a video of a bunch of people stoned on the news, please?” And, to the last question, we gently put our weed scented hand on your shoulder and whisper “yes, my son”. Check out our compilation of people extremely stoned on the news, above.

    The ten-minute long video comes courtesy of the YouTube account, NewsBeFunny, and stoned people definitely being funny, thus making this an accurately named video. You have Anderson Cooper giggling at his stoned co-worker, you have a man giggling in the snow — just nothing but footage upon footage of giggly, giggly newsmen.

    Remember this before smoking your doobies — the rate of marijuana arrests is rising, especially amongst people of color, and often marijuana arrests are used as an excuse to further police the black population. I don’t know, that was on my mind while watching the video.

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