Royal Family Gives Us First Look at New Royal Baby


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  • If there’s one thing we love talking about here at What’s Trending, it’s our natural betters. We’re talking celebrities, we’re talking influencers, and of course, we’re talking about the royal family — a pair of which just had a new beautiful royal baby for us to all gaze at lovingly! Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton introduced the world to their new son — still unnamed, and the royal watching world was delighted.

    The unnamed, but extremely royal baby, was born at 11:01 British Standard Time, weighed eight pounds and seven ounces and joins his siblings, Princes George and Princess Charlotte. This baby is fifth in line for the throne (and first in line to be a new baby). We wish him many things to chew on and we hope he does not choose to return England to be ruled by a monarchy and his infantile fist.

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