Marvel Reveals New Cinematic Franchises

  • So, look — Infinity War is coming out on Friday, and it promises to combine no less than the heroes of every single Marvel produced superhero movie together under one roof to fight one big dumb purple weirdo (Thanos, friends). Some will die, some will live, at least Spider-Man and Black Panther have sequels planned — but what about new heroes? New franchises? What will Marvel bring in to replace the likes of Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America (if, you know, they die)? Well, Marvel’s Kevin Feige announced two new franchises Marvel is developing — Nova and The Eternals!

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  • Nova is a relatively popular Marvel hero. Created by writer Marv Wolfman and artist John Buscema, Nova was a hero named Richard Rider who participated in an interstellar police force who flew through the stars (kind of like Green Lantern, honestly). Later, Marvel killed the character off in the Guardians of the Galaxy story that formed the basis for James Gunn’s movies and replaced him with a moody teen named Sam Alexander. Sam, created by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness, was a Latinx teen raised by a single mother who searched for his long-lost father (himself a Nova) in deep space as he tried to balance school and homework a la Spider-Man.

    I don’t know which version of the hero Marvel would want to go with, but we do have some Nova Corpse soldiers in the form of the nerds populating James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy — John C. Reilly, Glen Close, etc.

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  • The Eternals are a slightly more obscure property and a more complicated one. Created by Jack Kirby, lightly based on his incredibly successful “The New Gods” franchise at DC, The Eternals are a race of ancient beings with powers created by a race known as “The Celestials”.

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  • It’s high flying comics adventure in the Kirby mold, but the Eternals, in this case, refers to Thanos and his family (a different take on the concept). Most notably, it sounds like that includes Star Fox, aka Eros, aka the God of Love.

    Alright — give me the sexy space hero, guys. I am ready!

    Marvel, of course, now has the ability to bring the X-Men and the Fantastic Four into the Marvel Universe, so who knows whether or not phase four will result in an infusion of those extremely anticipated characters… I don’t know, maybe we could have a Secret Wars movie? Have all those universes combine…

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