Nickelodeon Revives ‘Double Dare’ for New Generation


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  • Look, everyone loves slime. We here at What’s Trending have exploited your almighty love of slime to great effect, but we would be fools if we would go all this way and never honor the true father of slime being — Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon popularized slime with its varying array of slime related programming and is now bringing it back with ‘Double Dare’ — giving a treat to all fans of Nickelodeon, game shows, slime, and more.

    Created in 1986, airing through 1993, and afterwards through endless reruns, ‘Double Dare’ was a show that started off with some easy trivia, and ended up in insane slime ridden stunts — such as the human hamster ball, cleaning out a giant ear, and other forms of madness that entertained millennial children during their cereal eating mornings.

    Check out an episode of the original series below.

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