Deadpool Creator Reveals New Hero “The Pouch”


  • Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld at long last leaned into literal self parody with his new creation, “The Pouch”. Once the ultra-popular controversial anti-hero artist of superhero comics, Rob Liefeld was known for drawing these hyper-detailed, violent and footless heroes (he couldn’t draw feet so well) who were also known for being adorned with pouches. Dozens and dozens of pouches were draped over Cable, any time he drew any mutants, and, I’m imagining, when he closes his eyes.

    Now, once and for all, Liefeld got rid of that pesky “character” who can appear in the midst of all of those pouches, and now we get “The Pouch” — a hero who is pure pouches! The character made his appearance on Instagram about a month ago, and now he’s getting his own comic book, says Liefeld slightly secretively. When? Oh, I don’t know. How about soon?

    The character has even inspired fan art of himself. Could it be future art from the comic? Hmm… we will find out I guess!

  • What do you think of Rob Liefeld’s new character? Will it be the new Deadpool, or is it just a sack of pouches? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.