VIDEO: Magician David Blaine SEWS MOUTH SHUT on The Tonight Show


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  • I don’t know exactly how David Blaine did the trick in the video above (don’t worry, I won’t spoil the end), but it begins with him sewing his mouth shut. Honestly, the pay off might not be as good as that build up — a man somehow putting a needle through his lips, sewing his mouth shut, with his eyes twitching with pain. It might be an illusion, or it could very well be a man experiencing the most intoxicating elixir of them all — attention, baby. I’d be down to sew my mouth so people know what a cool, bad ass magician I am!

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  • During the segment, David Blaine had actress Priyanka Chopra record this stunt with Jimmy Fallon’s phone, just so we can see that bloody needle and thread nice and up close… tearing right through his lips. Oh yeah, this is real — real and disgusting. To the point, where at the end, Chopra just drops the phone to her side. The Tonight Show’s YouTube page described this as “The Blaine Witch Project” which is a very cute way to describe the terrifying atrocity to the mouth we just saw.

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