VIDEO: Deadpool Crashes Hugh Jackman’s Birthday Wish Video

  • Although Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool made his first appearance in the Hugh Jackman starring Wolverine: Origins, I think everyone agrees (for the most part) that wasn’t a very good movie. That version of Deadpool, with its mouth sewn shut, wasn’t the fun wise-cracking version of Deadpool that Ryan Reynolds so lovingly portrayed in the movie of the same name, and since Hugh Jackman retired Wolverine shortly after Deadpool premiered, the duo has unfortunately never had the chance to have a proper film appearance together. However, it’s a long and winding road into the “Deadpool 2” premiere (the plot of which I think is Deadpool trying to stop the Avengers from making more money than him), and there a lot more stunts to be had, some of them involving the one time Wolverine actor, Hugh Jackman.

    As Hugh Jackman tries to do a birthday greeting, he is interrupted by the singing of a Mr. Ryan “Deadpool” Reynolds singing one of the key songs from Annie. Hugh Jackman pretends to look annoyed, but when Deadpool jumps into a verse from “Who Let the Dogs Out”, Hugh Jackman joyfully jumps in. Why does everyone in Marvel movies pretend to be annoyed by funny characters? What’s their deal? Stop pretending, Colossus, you love Deadpool! You can’t kid me on this one, buddy!

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