Kanye Trolls Listeners With New Song, ‘Lift Yourself’


  • The game of Kanye West seems to be that everything he says is the dumbest thing you’ve ever read, and every song ever created is this perfect blend of beats, words, references, and everything in between. Folks, as we have well documented, Kanye has recently outdone himself on the dumb talking words front, but what about the music front? Look, I would never ever, ever spoil something as insane as this song. Let’s just say the answer to the music question is… holy shit listen to the song (click the link in the tweet above). Then, let’s get back to paragraph two.

    This is insane. This is dumb and weird and insane. If you need a description of the song, it’s a heavenly beat that continues the trend of Kanye’s more soul and gospel inspired samples, the self-motivation theme of his music, until he finally just sings “poopity scoop scoop”. Good work, Kanye. This is the annoying Kanye I love. The one that messes with everyone in a way that doesn’t bolster a bunch of alt-right weirdos.

    This track is amazing and I hope his entire album is the worst and dumbest thing in human history in a way as beautiful and pure as this track. See, this is fun annoying (not backing Donald Trump while not being sure what he stands for)!

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