Adult Swim Renews Rick and Morty for 70 More Episodes!


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  • Wubba? Lubba… dub, dub? I guess!

    In a move that is an absolute no-brainer, Adult Swim renewed Rick and Morty, and not just for season four, but for a ridiculous 70 episodes!

    The show, which currently clocks in 31 episodes, can look at its length more than doubled, with a possible seven seasons ahead of it if the current ten episode season lengths are to stay consistent. This is a big move for a series that until then was kind of trapped in the depths of contract negotiation hell, but it sounds like both parties are trying to avoid that by stopping and going — “Look, who are we kidding here?” and just grabbing as many Rick and Morty episodes as possible.

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  • Will we get longer seasons? More seasons? One big 70 episode season? Anything is possible! Except that last part. I don’t think that last part is possible.

    Roiland announced the order with a cute doodle of the duo, and Morty saying his now infamous squeaky grunt of: “Aw geez”, but what do you think? Are you excited for more Rick and Morty? Let us know in the comments and make sure to follow us on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.