Robert Rodriguez “Sin City 2″ In 3D And “From Dusk Till Dawn” At SXSW 2014

  • Robert Rodriguez Talks Sin City 2 in 3D! | #SamsungSXSW

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    Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez discusses the upcoming sequel to the comic book favorite, “Sin City,” and what excited him about shooting “Sin City: A Dame To Kill For” in 3D.

    He says of overwhelming special effects and 3D films, “There’s so much to look at. It kind of becomes a little numbing. It’s still great! But it’s a little numbing because you just don’t know where to look.”

    He adds, “What’s great about ‘Sin City’ always was its simplicity and design. Frank Miller did better than anybody. With just a slash of white against black, you can tell a complete story. See that world now immersed and it’s so immersive, because you can see everything so well. The separation of space is even greater. You really feel you are in that world … the 3D pops much more. There’s less to distract your eye and more to actually focus it.”

    He was also joined by actors D.J. Cotrona and Zane Holtz to speak about “From Dusk Till Dawn,” the new TV series based on the cult classic movie.

    “It’s almost better the second time because there’s so much more behind it. So much time has passed. They’ve rounded out the fates for characters, new characters. If the film was the short story, this is the novel,” Rodriguez says.