90,000 People Sign Petition to Get Perez Hilton Banned from TikTok

That's a lot of signatures

The tidal wave of people on TikTok are calling for Perez Hilton to be BANNED from the app, with nearly 90,000 signatures this looks like it might happen.

After numerous bouts of controversy on Tiktok—which included critiquing one of the platform’s most famous stars—several people are calling for blogger Perez Hilton to be banned from the app. Hilton, whose real name is Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr., has been one of the top sources for celebrity gossip and news for more than 15 years through his blog and YouTube channel.

Hilton’s posts have often struck chords with his subjects. He has had multiple lawsuits filed against him, mostly for copyright infringement (including sharing a Britney Spears audio recording and a topless picture of Jennifer Aniston) in the early aughts. He has also stood by times when he outed mainstream celebs. Oh, and Angelina Jolie threatened to sue him once. 

On change.org someone named Delara Panahi started the petition just about two weeks ago. To this date, is has nearly 90,000 within a span of just two weeks. The description reads: Perez Hilton is SCARY. Plain and simple. He is currently 42 years old, and attacks young teenagers (15 years old) for wearing BATHING SUITS. He is problematic and spreads negativity on the app, Tiktok. His whole career is based off of creating drama – which is something we seriously don’t need right now. Perez is a middle-aged man and earns a living by attacking young kids for just having fun. CANCEL HIM, or at least BAN HIM from Tiktok. His videos are inappropriate and should be taken down.

NYT Report Taylor Lorenz tweeted: “Perez Hilton started a feud with the Hype House but none of the kids in the Hype House seem to have any idea who he is”

This all stems from a comment Perez Hilton made about a TikTok from popular star Charli D’Amelio back in March of this year where she was dancing in a video on vacation. She was in the Bahamas dancing to Sugar by Brockhampton, where there was some sexually explicit lyrics which she mouthed the words. 

His comment read: “Anyone else think it’s inappropriate for a 15-year old to dance to this?” She responded with “i’m sorry i’m just trying to have fun! :)”

Immediately a lot of people online came to the defense of the popular star who later posted “I will continue to post when I feel happy and confident so if me wearing a swimsuit at the beach is a problem well sucks to suck doesn’t it.”  

TikTok has banned him from even commenting on other accounts till May 1st, and he made a creepy video about it all on social media too.

Hilton has also been called out for accusing British diver Tom Daley, 25, for kissing TikTok star Tyler Downs. He posted “Someone just messaged me a video of British Olympic diver @TomDaley1994 making out with a 16 year old TikTok star and diver. Tom is 25 and married and had a child with Oscar winner  @DLanceBlack. I’m shocked! I wouldn’t be surprised if the video leaks. I will NOT be sharing that!”

Perez has been targeting people like Charli online about her breakup with Chase Hudson claiming there were nudes involved and even cheating. The couple broke up in April, but Charli retweeted a screenshot of the petition that was started against Perez Hilton which many people ended up supporting, like sister James Charles. Avani Gregg of the Hype House TikTok collective said in a tweet that she had signed the petition too.

But of course Perez had something to say about it as well and called the two of them out in a TikTok?

Personally I think the whole situation is weird and that he is targeting young teens for his source of news these days, but also how he is handling all of this isn’t in the best light.