Alec Baldwin Casually Says He Would Win Presidency

Sure, why not?

NBC might have a lot to answer for in the coming years. After giving a platform to one very dumb rich guy who ended up becoming president, aka Donald Trump, they’ve given us a guy who seems… very confident that he could become president. Speaking on Howard Stern, Alec Baldwin flippantly let the host know that he thinks that if he ran for president (oh yeah), he could probably win it. Heck. Why not? But he also mentions, it would be really mess with his busy schedule and lifestyle. Man, that sounds so much like Trump! Alec, what are you doing? People don’t like your Trump impression because they want some other weird rich guy to become president!

“Somebody great’s going to come up, I hope. But the only reason I say that is because I’d love to run for that kind of position, to have things be very common sense. There’s so many things this country needs to do that are so obvious,” Baldwin told Stern.

I don’t know. How about fewer celebrities running for president? That would be cool, right? Look. We all love Oprah, The Rock and whoever the heck else (Cynthia Nixon is special and different in that she seems to be running for more than just ego and has a clear point of view for where she wants this country to go), but imagine sitting down and talking about politics with The Rock. Would his POV go deeper than “being famous is a lot of fun”?

It’s shocking. Between threatening to sue people on Twitter and thinking he would make an incredible president sort of… just because, Alec Baldwin is a lot like the guy he does an impression of, right? So look, I don’t want to elect Alec Baldwin… but what about Alec Baldwin’s character in Beetlejuice? That dude looks like he has some good ideas.

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