Ben Schwartz to Voice Sonic the Hedgehog in Upcoming Movie

Can't wait to hear Jean Ralphio say "Gotta go fast".

Look. Are you a ten year old? A classic gamer from the 90’s? A fan of mediocre games from the aughts? Well then, you’re going to love this Sonic the Hedgehog movie news. Ben Schwartz, star of stage, screen, and voicing BB-8, has been confirmed as the cool new voice of the character that does what Nintendon’t (in this writer’s opinion), Sonic the Hedgehog in the upcoming and insane sounding live action movie.

The movie also gives us the incredible promise of Jim Carrey voicing Dr. Robotnik, aka The Eggman, so if you can’t wait to see Dr. Robotnik performed with all of the subtlety of The 1990’s Ron Howard directed Grinch, across from a Sonic the Hedgehog who sounds like Jean Ralphio, folks, this movie could not be more made for you. Plus James Marsden as a cop who is also Sonic’s friend? Whoa! To quote the ad executives at Sega, now… we are playing with power.

A couple of screens have leaked so far from the set of Sonic the Hedgehog, including the sign for “Green Hill Zone”, which in the games is a jungle like first level where you fight robot bees and caterpillars, while here it seems to be the stage setting first world where a bunch of normal human beings lived.

Still, with Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik we’re promised one of two things: a hilarious and weird movie, or an insane disaster on par with the Super Mario Bros movie where Bob Hoskins plays Mario, John Leguizamo plays Luigi and Dennis Hopper plays Bowser. Still, we know one thing. Hearing Jean Ralphio say “Gotta go fast?” Yeah. That’ll be worth my precious hard earned movie money.

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