Calling All Bees to the Beyhive, Queen B and Her Beau Jay-Z Have Dropped a New Album

'Everything is Love' was released on Saturday during the dynamic duo's London show for the On The Run II Tour.

The Carter duo has dropped another surprise album on us, which was titled ‘Everything is Love’ and the Beyhive is so shocked and excited that Ms. Knowles has once again snatched our wigs without us even noticing.

It was like Christmas Day for fans of the couple, as the album was a complete surprise and dropped without any hints. Well, we say no hints, but in true Beyoncé style, there were a few people who tried to decode her subtle gestures but had no luck until Saturday.

The album is like no other and shows pure class and wealth. The couple even hired out The Louvre in Paris, just to shoot a music video for the track titled ‘APES**T’  which was released along with the album, which is giving us absolute wealth goals and shows what a work of art this album is.

The reactions of fans were priceless, and many took to Twitter to share how shook they were over the release of the album.

However, some fans were disappointed that they were not able to listen to the album, unless they had paid a subscription for Jay-Z’s music service, Tidal. Now, of course, you could just make up a new email to get the free trial, but after you’ve created 40 different alter-egos, the problem is no longer just down to Tidal.

People were trying to live vicariously through those who were lucky enough to have Tidal, but it just wasn’t the same as listening to those magical voices flow through your whole body and christen you just like the gods intended.

Not only were fans not very happy about this decision, but even Uncle Snoop isn’t too happy about the streaming service either.

But, of course, the most iconic couple of the 21st century was not going to let us down, and after 48 very long hours, the album was available to stream and download on Spotify and Apple Music. The album charted at #1 on iTunes in 52 countries, and fans were so relieved that they were finally able to hear the album of the year.


I think the funniest part about this is that Beyoncé even dragged Spotify through the bushes and down the drain, and then put the album on Spotify, and now it’s one of the most streamed albums this year.

But, then again, this is Beyoncé we’re talking about and she can do anything she wants.

What do you think of the album? Do you think it is a masterpiece? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.