Fans are OBSESSED With Shane’s Beauty Room

Shane Dawson’s fiance Ryland Adams surprised Shane with a beauty room makeover and fans can’t get enough of it.
Shane Dawson has been furiously working on a new series with Jeffree Star about the beauty world, and has recently been going through a crash course of researching and learning everything there is to know about makeup.
But, unfortunately, all that education is taking a toll on Shane’s counter space, and his fiance thought it was time for an intervention.
Ryland decided to convert a spare bedroom into a dream makeup room, fit for entertaining guests and recording podcasts.
Close friend Trisha Paytas said: “Omg this was the best idea everrrr. Omg made me so emotional. I loooove how thoughtful u two are towards each other”
In the video, Shane also finally confirmed that he will be releasing his own makeup palette and that there will be merch and goodies to go along with it.
Shane’s series should release in two seasons. And while we don’t have an official date, Shane has said season one should be coming out this summer.
What do you think of Shane’s new beauty room? Let us know in the comments section.

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