Fans OUTRAGED After Olly Murs TikTok Violates Girlfriend

Pringles, you care to comment?

Olly Murs uploaded a video to the internet that has people wondering if their pringles are indeed safe and overall if he really respects the consent of women these days. 

From the comments that have been popping up on this TikTok that popular singer Olly Murs posted, it does NOT look like people are a fan of this joke that the guy pulled online. As of right now the video is no longer on the internet but it’s effects have definitely made a mark.  Olly Murs is known for making a lot of pranks on his girlfriend Amelia Tank, it looks like from viral challenges to bits and skits. 

But personally it looks like this one went a little too far… maybe.. Well I can say that the Pringles were ruined in the making of this one here. 

Usually these skits and pranks have her coming back to bite him —

On Monday, the former X Factor finalist uploaded a video in which he removed the bottom of a Pringles can and stuck his *** in it. 

He offered the can to his unsuspecting girlfriend, Amelia Tank. As she reached into the can, the video paused and Murs quoted Scarface, saying, “Say hello to my little friend.” Murs’ video has earned nearly 6 million views in the last three days, but the response was far from unanimously positive. Many TikTok users argued that Murs violated Tank’s consent with the stunt. A lot of people on Twitter ended up dragging Olly Murs for the video and overall thought this wasn’t a prank in the best of light or good taste if you could say the least. 

Some of the comments online read things like “why is olly murs sticking his nob in a pringles tube” to even “Wtf is wrong with Olly Murs tik tok is for kids dude, put your penis away already!”

Now a lot of people are mad that this prank basically had his girlfriend touching his you know what without permission. Some of the posts even had things to say like 

“It’s not even 9am and olly murs has ruined my day. Never checking why a celeb is trending again”

Obviously people trolled left and right and sent their video reactions to this but what do you think about this and was it taken too far? Personally I am afraid to know who is going to touch my pringles next…