Harry Styles BREAKS the internet… again.

For personal reasons I'll be watching the Watermelon Sugar video all day everyday for the rest of quarantine.

As far as celebrities go, Harry Styles is a pretty quiet one. He is known to go dark on the internet for extensive periods of time, only doing interviews in advance of an album release or announcement. With the release of Fine Line and anticipation of Love on Tour, fans have gotten their fair share of Harry. Until quarantine that is, which was kicked off with the announcement that the European leg of Harry’s tour is canceled.

In the past month, he has been silent on social media… until now. The former One Direction heartthrob has started teasing the release of another music video, and the internet is more than ready for it. Watermelon Sugar along with the rest of Style’s album Fine Line was released in November of 2019. Quickly after it was released it was recognized as a certified bop by the masses. Watermelon Sugar alone has over 266,000,000 Spotify streams.

Harry created the I Just Wanna Taste It website last Wednesday, where he revealed that Watermelon Sugar was the next song from the Fine Line to be released promotionally. Based on that, fans speculated that the music video would be released sometime this week (SPOILER it was released this morning)!

Harry also released the Do You Know Who You Are page. Enter your name and receive a personalized message from Harry with lyrics inspired by Watermelon Sugar, and the slogan TPWK, among others. Not only that, but the twitter account @visiteroda (Eroda being the fake island that was the setting for his music video Adore You) tweeted the watermelon emoji.

But we knew there was a Watermelon Sugar video coming for a while.

Image from TMZ.com

Back in January photos were leaked from a video shoot on Malibu where Harry donned an all-yellow ensemble and was passing a watermelon back and forth with several models and friends. The video was recorded on a super8 camera to try to create the summery vibe that we have all been wishing for in quarantine.

So… after a long five days of being teased by Harry, the Watermelon Sugar video was released this morning, and BOY did it deliver. First of all, the video is aesthetically gorgeous set on the same beach in Malibu where One Direction filmed What Makes You Beautiful.

It’s hard to put into words how it is, but it basically entails Styles and some beautiful models donning very 70’s outfits, laying on the beach and indulging in strawberries, watermelon, and fruits of all different varieties.

Image courtesy of Harry Styles/Youtube

Knowing that a beachless and contactless summer is most likely in the cards for all of us, the Watermelon Sugar video is giving us the content we need to fulfill our quarantine hopes and dreams. And of course, we have the King himself, Harry Styles, to thank!