Is Jessica Biel “Anti-Vax”??

Actress Jessica Biel is best known for her roles in 7th Heaven and the Texas Chainsaw films, but now she’s getting some heat for a controversial statement.

Earlier this week, Biel came out in mild support of the anti-vaccination movement alongside activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Kennedy is the founder of the Children’s Health Defense and claims vaccines are “dangerous and unnecessary.”

Biel traveled to Sacremento to lobby in opposition to a new California vaccine bill, which would limit medical exemptions from immunizations without the approval of a medical expert. She posed for photos with representatives in the state capitol, and was thanked for her courage by Kennedy.

Biel later attempted to clarify on her Instagram that she “isn’t against vaccines.” But not many people are happy with her explanation.

To be fair, sarah, we all wish we could unwatch that movie.

And while some people are coming to her defense, even bona-fide doctors are criticizing Biel’s comments.

This controversy comes while America faces its worst measles outbreak in 20 years. California has been spared the worst of it, and experts think that has a lot to do with its crackdown on medical exemptions.


What do you think? Is it wrong for Jessica Biel to argue against vaccines, or is it her right to make her opinion heard? Let us know in the comments!

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