Manny MUA and TikTok Can’t Believe This Ed Sheeran Lookalike!

Okay truly this has to be him though...

Okay so everyone obviously wants a celebrity to call them out by name, but a lot of these celebs have been calling out their own doppelgangers these days.

Finding your celebrity doppelganger can be a flattering, humbling, or outright baffling experience.  Depending on which celebrity you end up looking like. The “I look like a celebrity check” challenge has exploded on TikTok as users reveal their famous lookalikes, and one woman recently went viral for showing the world that her boyfriend looks astoundingly like Ed Sheeran. Now this girl, whose account is fittingly named @edsheerandouble, has dedicated her TikTok almost exclusively to showing how much her boyfriend looks like the “Shape of You” singer, posting dozens of videos highlighting the similarity. 

The account has more than 197,000 followers, and her old videos earned around tens of thousands of views. But when @edsheerandouble joined the “I look like a celebrity check” challenge, the video exploded on the app with 16 million views, 3 million likes, and over 32,000 comments. Not it’s really easy to see how someone could easily mistake that man to be Ed Sheeran, and if I was that girl I would honestly be telling everyone I was dating Ed Sheeran. 

Upon first glance, it’s nearly impossible to tell the two apart. The thin, side-swept red hair, the medium-cropped beard, the distant, vaguely uneasy stare: They’re all there. The guy even plays on the guitar, as seen in a previous TikTok where he busks before unwitting pedestrians.

Like if Ed Sheeran didn’t like make a clone or a body double of his own self to save him from awkward events, meet and greets and more, I don’t know what else to tell you. 

One user even said “he looks more like Ed Sheeran than Ed Sheeran.” And Manny MUA even commented “YOU CANT TELL ME THATS NOT ED SHEERAN!”

Some people really had to point out that they looked like the love child of Shawn Mendes and James Charles, this guy who looks like Tom Holland, and even the girl who is a legit Ariana Grande lookalike.

Overall, what do you think of these people looking like a celeb?