SCAMMERS Use Jeffree Star and David Dobrik to Get Money Online

How disgusting is this...

Have you ever heard of someone trying to scam their way into your money through the internet? Better yet, David Dobrik trying to get money from you? Sounds a bit fishy…

If you have never heard of the thing, a lot of celebrities online have given out money, like cold hard CASH MONEY to their fans online. Because it’s an easy easy to generate a lot of buzz and a great way to give back, we’ve seen people like Jeffree Star and David Dobrik give out more money than I could earn in many years. 

Square cash has 24 million users on the app alone, but many like Jeffree Star have turned to cash app to give back. 

If you don’t remember Jeffree once tweeted “Giving back is my favorite thing to do. Thank you everyone for always keeping me inspired to keep going. I’ve reached my @cashapp limit today and will be doing this again next week!”

Surely it’s a great thing that Jeffree gave over $35 thousand dollars over the app, but it also opened a door for people to scam your money somewhere down the line. 

As COVID-19 has impacted families and more with economic hardships, many scammers have been creating profiles that resemble people like Jeffree and David Dobrik. These scammers wait for people online to drop their cash app handle in the reply to a celeb tweet and DM them saying they have been hand selected to win thousands of dollars. 

Okay first of all this sounds like a really hard thing to anticipate when a celeb is giving away cash online, but I guess not. And rather than give them their “cash prize” these scammers are requesting YOU to send them cash. 

Yeah so for some reason, Rather than send their victims money, scammers then request a small amount of cash, claiming they need to “verify” their identity. In other cases, they will send victims a malicious phishing link that appears to be a Cash App login page but is actually meant to steal their credentials.  

If you’re even asked to verify yourself, make a donation, or click a link to complete a giveaway it is a complete scan and you are told to ignore and report the user. 

It’s interesting enough to see things like this happen. As far as this goes, both Jeffree and David Dorbik have not said anything about these scams but a lot of online feedback has appeared. One user wrote “I just got scammed by these people. I have nothing now. Please watch out for them.”

It truly is unfortunate that these things happen especially in this day an age at the moment. Again if you see anything please report it to any cash sending app you are working with.