Shane Dawson’s Apology Video Gets Backlash

Shane Dawson makes apology video for problematic past, and some didn't take it seriously. 

You have probably seen Shane Dawson trending this week because of his past. Stay tuned to hear about his apology and how the drama started!

Youtube drama has been at an all-time high these past few weeks with problematic videos of popular creators coming to the surface. Jenna Marbles and Shane Dawson are the latest celebs in hot water. Jenna Marbles made an apology video recently where she talked about her problematic content, like using blackface and slut-shaming. She announced she is deciding to take a step back from Youtube and stop posting for the time being.

After seeing Jenna’s apology video, a lot of people were quick to point out that other creators, including Shane, should also speak out on their past. Shane Dawson posted a video with the title “Taking Accountability”. In this video, he talks about how he doesn’t like who he was in the past. He also mentions his apology videos from the past and explains why those weren’t good enough.

He apologies for playing racist and stereotypical characters in his past videos. He explains how he didn’t like who he was at that time, and how excuses for portraying stereotypes and blackface aren’t okay. Something from his past that came up was with Willow Smith. He made a video sexualizing her when she was just 11 years old. Her family decided to speak up.

Jaden Smith tweeted, “Shane Dawson I am disgusted by you. You sexualizing an 11-year-old girl who happens to be my sister is the furthest thing from funny and not okay in the slightest bit” He also said, “As the youth, we need to support creators who support us and our morals. This is not okay.” Jada Pinkett Smith tweeted, “to Shane Dawson…I’m done with the excuses” In the apology, he didn’t acknowledge this situation exactly but did apologize for joking about pedophilia in general.

Shane then says that if “you don’t accept the apology, then that is okay.” He explains how he can’t make everyone be okay with what he did. A lot of people didn’t respond to the video with open arms, and there were a lot of people who didn’t accept his apology. Also, it is coming to everyone’s attention that he is deleting comments on his apology video that explain why his apology wasn’t sincere.

Someone tweeted, “the fact that Shane Dawson is deleting negative comments on his “apology” video only proves that nothing has changed. He didn’t mean it. You can’t say you accept criticism now and then delete any evidence of it and ignore it” Also, some are realizing the lasting negative effects on his videos.

Someone tweeted, “Shane Dawson made me think at 11-year-olds that the sexualization of my body as a minor was okay. Just think about that…How many other kids who watched his videos back then must have felt like that? This revelation makes me sick to my stomach.”

Before this, Shane started another series on his channel, but we will see if he continues to post after the backlash from this apology video.