Dance Montage Featuring 292 Movies Is Beautiful

If you need a pick me up, let these dance moves move you!

The day? Friday. The time? Right now. The person who deserves a dance supercut? You. The dance supercut? Embedded above.

It’s been a psychological hell week for the country as a thousand of us looked up from our laptops and went “Wait one second? Are we the baddies?” You know, like in that Mitchell and Webb sketch? So, my dudes, today we are going to take a deep breath, and just watch seven minutes of extra joyful dancing.

This clip is done masterfully. Every dance scene bleeds into the other. Mean Girls bleeds into Austin Powers: Goldmember bleeds into Scarface, which then bleeds into Grease. The most joyful scenes from movies in just minutes! So, when you’re feeling down, just take a seat, turn on the video and indulge.

You can find the complete list of movies and their scenes here.

What do you think of this dance supercut? Is seven minutes too short? It was for me! In any case, let us know in the comments, or follow us on Twitter at @WhatsTrending for more.