Davidson/Ariana Grande Superstans Think They Know The Couple’s Wedding Date

Put on your tinfoil hats for this one.. this one's a THEORY.

As myself an avowed superstan (or superfan as all you grandpas might call it), I have been following the Pete Davidson/Ariana Grande relationship closely. We’ve followed the incredibly speedy engagement, the Harry Potter themed photos, the beautifully too quick tattoos and even the Mac Miller interview. Now what is coming is… folks… the wedding. And all these Super Stans think they’ve identified the date when the couple is to tie the know. These stans, these animals, these beasts, these explorers of the unknown, these cretins of numerology. These people think… the date of Grande and Davidson’s wedding… is… August 4, 2018. OR… 8418. Keep noted, you obsessive conspiracy theory superstans, the date as a number is the clue that led them to this conclusion!

8418! It was the number of Pete Davidson’s firefighter father who passed away in the 9/11 attacks. It is also the number that Ariana Grande gotten tattooed on her body in order to honor Davidson’s father, and… I guess she has it on her bracelet? And that’s it.

Now, many would say that’s not really very much to go on. Some would say that this theory truly resembles a teenage fantasy of the concept of romance as taken from popular culture, where the writer of said pop culture leaves clues and numerology for the reader to have something to do in between volumes of fictional work that the author is set to drop. Some would say this takes the very real relationship between Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande and diminishes it to a game meant for weird children that uses the very real trauma of the death of Davidson’s father as a game token in the following of a relationship that is not even their own.

And to this I say… forget those spoilsports! August fourth, baby! That’s in less than a month! Get ready, get ready, get ready! Hey, if Cardi B could get married in secret, why not this couple? Yeah… yeah!

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