Did James Charles STEAL Corrina Kopf’s Ex-Boyfriend?

This isn't what it looks like though

James Charles hasn’t been the only one who wanted a date on Valentine’s Day, and it looks like it actually happened for him. So it looks like James Charles has a little Valentine’s Day date with a fellow YouTuber that had a lot of fans really shook. James tweeted “okay so who’s gonna take one for the team and be my valentine?” Obviously if it worked that way we would all be tweeting that. Right?

But it looks like James actually got a response from another YouTuber and Gamer named Teafu. Teafus a gamer online and with over 11 million subscribers and responded to James tweet with a simple “me” and a lil waving emoji. But what everyone wants to know was, was he actually serious?

Anyway, the two had a bit of an exchange online with a few tweets here and there. James actually saw his tweet and responded “down, where’s our date tonight?” And Teafu’s response was “anywhere but LA”

Now where would you go on a date if not in LA? Well, when you’re James Charles hopping on a plane to secure a valentines date doesnt seem like to big of a hurdle

Now a lot of people weren’t sure if this was actually serious or not. Recently Teafu broke up with long time girlfriend Corina from David Dobrik’s vlog squad. The two dated for around 6 moths before calling it quits during what seemed to be a lighthearted live stream.

The two of them were actually arguing on a livestream when Corrina was upset that Teafu wouldn’t come out and visit her. The argument resulted in her jokingly saying they should take a break from their relationship, and it looks like that’s just what happened.

Can you imagine having a livestream where the entire world is trying to figure out if you are going to break up? That’s Wild.

Now that could be another story in itself but James tweeted this after the twitter exchange “just made a very impulse Valentine’s Day Decision” with a little airplane emoji, so everyone was wondering where he was going?

Corrina was actually the first to catch wind of all of this and posted “yoo why is James Charles at my ex’s house all the way in florida.”

From there, Teafu posted “it never hurts to shoot your shot” which was funny because a lot of fans definitely had their thoughts too! One fan posted “If Teafue can get a valentines date with James Charles YOU CAN SHOOT UR SHOT TOO”  and another wrote “PLEASE tell me y’all r going on more dates I think it’s so cute.” James then shared some social media posts from the trip and it looked like he had a great time.

Now although Some people thought it was all fake, well just let time reveal if it was a match made in heaven or another sister scandal

Teafu has never been public about his sexuality so we don’t know if the two were just hanging out or if it was anything more than that.