Drake’s In My Feelings Music Video Pays Ode To #DoTheShiggy

The video was basically the best #InMyFeelingsChallenge yet

Lala Anthony plays “KiKi” in Drake’s new “In My Feelings” music video. In typical hopeless love form, the video starts with Drake throwing a rock at “KiKi’s” window to get her to talk to him. She wasn’t having it. And neither was her mom who came outside and made Drake get off the lawn. Cue the music and of course, the dancing.

The video centers around the #InMyFeelingsChallenge also known as #DoTheShiggy. It’s brilliant. What else could he have done for this video after the challenge went viral?

With bright colors, incredible dancers and Drake finally joining the challenge, the video is everything you could ever dream of and more. And that’s exactly how Drake saw it… In a dream. As the music comes to an end, we find out that the whole thing – the video, the challenge and the conversation he had with Kiki at the beginning are all just something he dreamed up.

Waking in a confused daze, he says “I had a dream… I made some song about some girl. House from New Orleans and like a grill in my mouth and then this kid from New York that spits when he talks all the time just did some dance to it and then the world… did the dance.” Not so excited about this viral hit he said “Nobody wouldn’t stop. It was terrible.”

All jokes aside the video ends with some of the most viral Shiggy challenge videos in a compilation, the very last being Will Smith’s incredible take on it.

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