Emma Chamberlain EXPOSED for Ripping Off Fans with Overpriced Coffee?

4 bags sounds like a lot...

Emma Chamberlain just launched her own coffee line and there is something a little off here, like maybe the prices? A lot of fans have backlash for the new line and think Emma should reconsider the business.

Fans are coming after Emma Chamberlain after she released her new collection of coffee that seems to be a BIT overpriced and leaving us with many questions.

Emma Chamberlain has been online for a few short years on YouTube. With her comedic videos online, she has amassed over 8 million subscribers, and lately she decided to come out with her own coffee company called Chamberlain Coffee.

Now this isn’t the first time someone has created their own line or company thanks to their following on YouTube. We’ve also seen our fair share of overpriced controversies too.

In her line, she has coffee bags, just like tea bags ya know, coffee mugs, and even travelers for when you are on the go. BUT the real thing everybody is up in arms about are the prices! If you do the breakdown, each bag of coffee is $2.00. They come in packs of anywhere from 5, 10, 20, and 30, so you really could end up spending $60 on coffee, plus your shipping and taxes of course.

Teal kicker is that Emma actually recommends to put not one, not two, but three bags of coffee in your cup for the best experience. If you don’t like your coffee that strong, you might be able to get by.

On her channel, Emma shows how to make a cup using her newly debuted coffee line of course, and if you think about it, that’s $6.00 of her coffee you just spent on one cup. She’s complained that making a cup of french press is actually really complicated and honestly fans are noting these costs and those who know how to make a cup of coffee are really not having it. Some noted how a french press cup of coffee could cost you 20 cents and even higher end coffee machines like Nespresso and Keurig cost 50 – cents per pod or cup if you will for your caffeine fixin’s.

Now this isn’t the first time a YouTuber has come out with coffee. If you remember, OG YouTuber Connor Franta also made his own line called Common Culture, but had lower price points and it was actually ground coffee.

Fans pointed out how that if you do the math and subtract the cost of coffee, her travel tumbler is $25 alone. Many of her following understand that you are really buying into her name of a product that she is endorsing, but people are still mad because celebrity endorsements shouldn’t be this expensive! Other fans have made their own reviews of the products and they honestly say the taste is mediocre for how much they are fronting for one little mug of coffee for their morning.

The big thing people are questioning is if this is a fair trade company. Now what that means is if the workers, the land the coffee was created on was done ethically and sustainably, and that people who help grind and grow the coffee beans are being paid and treated FAIRLY.

She has pointed out that the coffee was eco friendly but has not noted anything about what we mentioned. Steeped coffee, which produces the Chamberlain brand, also has a similar style of bags and aesthetic, so people are also calling this bag concept unoriginal. Some fans came to her defense online saying:

Emma was recently featured on Cosmo for a cover and even did a taste test where she compares cheap coffee to expensive coffee.

But some are claiming that since the girl has expensive taste and a taste for coffee, she better step up her quality game if she’s gonna charge the public an arm and a leg.

Noting that a cup of coffee at coffee shops are priced from $3-5 people have a lot of mixed feelings about this, but they argue that it should be cheap, easy and efficient.