Gabriel Zamora REACTS to New Jeffree Star Blood Lust Collection

But was it like a good or bad one

Jeffree Star didn’t always have the beauty empire that he had today, and some people seem to forget about that sometimes.

If you think the decade has been all sorts of highs for Jeffree Star, let me tell you that he definitely had a comeback over the decade and we need to just talk about how far this man has come!

In 2009 in case you FORGOT, Star released his first and only studio album, Beauty Killer, which included songs such as “Lollipop Luxury” featuring Nicki Minaj. He then went on several world tours to promote his music but in 2010, he signed to Konvict Muzik— where Akon actually described Jeffree Star as “the next Lady Gaga“.

He later described signing to Akon’s record label as “the biggest mistake I’ve ever made, but that didn’t stop him in music cameos at least!

He appeared in Kesha’s TAKE IT OFF music video, what a queen, and he worked with other performers and musicians on and off of Warped tour including worked with several other musical performers, including Blood on the Dance Floor, Deuce,Millionaires, and Larry Tee.

Star went and started his now massive beauty empire in 2014 that a lot of people had been sleepin on until these past few years! As MANY of y’all now, Jeffree Star has become just as infamous for his Twitter feuds and controversial comments as he has become famous for his highlighters and lipstick vaults over the years too though.

Jeffree says he is not proud of his past, and it crept up on him a lot of the decade. Part of the reason the racist allegations keep resurfacing Jeffree claims, is that he finds himself in sharp-tongued social media feuds. His social media record reveals he’s still no stranger to calling people names throughout the times.

Throughout this decade, we saw Jeffree call out people across the board.  Kat Von D Beauty and Jeffree had an infamous fight, who she claims ended their relationship due to “drug use, racism, and bullying.” Kylie Jenner, who released a product in a packaging design that Star had been using since 2014, had an incident where Star said he really was not happy with what he called “derivative packaging”. He had also negatively reviewed her $360 makeup brush set, and After the clash, Jenner removed Star from her PR list. The most recent, Manny Gutierrez, Laura Lee, and Gabriel Zamora have all had falling outs with Star, publicly surfacing after Star called Laura Lee “pure evil.”

But we saw a BIG side Jeffree star when Shane Dawson had not one but TWO series with the makeup king himself! A lot of people say this opened up his career and it even brought Shane and Jeffree to collaborate on their own Palette. In addition to the series, he collaborated with the likes of James Charles taking a flamethrower to a Chanel bag, he painted the Dolan Twins and even switches lives with them, and putting makeup on Kathy Griffith.

Now we have to know what were some of your favorite Jeffree moments over the year! Was it him coming for brands and other people for true tea or giving his full honest review of a Cheetos makeup palette?