George Lucas Reveals What His Episodes 7-9 Would Have Been

The Star Wars creator discusses his unique and specific vision for the new trilogy.

George Lucas, the architect behind the legendary film series, science fiction cornerstone, and low key tiny economy, Star Wars, sold the franchise to Disney after his production work on the prequel trilogy was met with much criticism from key fans. Lucas’s prequels have been enjoying a slight resurgence from the most passionate (or absolutely toxic) of fan communities following some people’s dislike of ‘The Force Awakens’ and ‘The Last Jedi’, and people have begun to wonder, how exactly would Lucas have led Star Wars?

Well, Lucas has let it be known in a new interview, in the supplemental materials for a James Cameron series of documentaries, titled ‘James Cameron’s The Story of Science Fiction’, (the place where all great film tales come to roost, no doubt), his ideas for the story and said it involves something called “Whills”. Read the interview below.

The idea of a macrobiotic sequel to Star Wars is certainly unique and seems so different than the kind of by the book space opera storytelling that most of the newer films seem to be telling. It’s also the reason why so many fans seemed to hate George Lucas’ prequels — big swings. Hardcore fans, as much as they claim otherwise, seem to not trust big swings.

The “Whills” are actually pre-existing in the Star Wars universe, going as far as to being in the early drafts of “A New Hope”. You can read about them here.

Also, what a bummer that hardcore fans seemed to drive away George Lucas from working on this saga. Not that we don’t love Kylo Ren, but come on, let the guy tell his vision. Even if it is a vision that only has one or two chapters everyone loves.

Bring on the “Whills”. I demand it!

What do you think of the “Whills” and Lucas’ idea for future movies? Are you at all shocked that the kind of fans who seem to prefer the non-existent Star Wars movie to the existent one are so vocal about this? Do you think if there’s a “Whill” there’s a “Whay”? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.