GOLDEN GLOBES: Idris Elba Posts “Awkward” Selfie with 007 Daniel Craig

Idris Elba is great.

At this point, Idris Elba may as well be an honorary James Bond. Elba has been floated as the new actor to fill the suit for so long that the fact that he actually hasn’t filled the suit feels like a deeply frustrating trivia fact that someone out there should correct, and fast. That’s what makes the selfie that Idris Elba posted so satisfying and delightful. The actor posted a photo of Daniel Craig starring at him from across the room, with the supertitle “Awks”. Heck yeah, Idris Elba talks like a stereotypical teen! Heck yeah! Check out the selfie below!

Now, first things first, is Idris Elba going to be a more relatable James Bond? Is he going to be a more adorable James Bond, because look at that face! Look at that language! That is an adorable James Bond! Not like Daniel Craig, doing the whole intense thing. I’m sure, because it’s the Golden Globes, everyone is half drunk anyway. Thank you my drunken spy friends, thank you.

Here’s hoping the photo means that Idris Elba as James Bond isn’t dead on arrival quite yet. I want to hear that cockney accent yet! Idris Elba has told the media in August that he will not be the next James Bond, but we don’t exactly know who the next James Bond will be, do we? Just bring him in! Come on! We’ve all wanted him to be Bond for a while now! What example of 1950’s normalness are going to bring in next? Idris Elba can sell cologne in the pages of Maxim! Come on, folks! Come on! Come on!

I want Idris Elba to meet the Alan Cummings character from Goldeneye. Aka… the best spy villain of all time.

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