James Charles DRAGS Straight Boys For Faking Coming Out on TikTok

The internet and James Charles have been really upset with TikTok boys fake coming out on April fools for likes and views.

So it looks like James Charles just came after a few prominent TikTokers faking coming out videos as April Fools’ day pranks, and those videos have now been surfacing around on the internet.

Okay, so our favorite sister has had a few of his scandals as everyone knows but he has been coming after quite some users on the popular app TikTok lately.  Just last week, the popular beauty blogger went online to tell everyone that they need to stop their insensitive and frankly rude coming out jokes.

In the video, James calls out a lot of users on the internet who are “fake coming out” for a lot of social media engagement and likes.

James further even mentions how coming out is a struggle for LGBTQ+ people, and that people in his community die for coming out of the closet.  While he didn’t name names in his call out video, TikTok stars like Zachary Smith (@zsmittty) and Ivan Martinez (@ivanmartinez) have come under fire for posting videos that they later backtracked on, apologizing for coming out falsely.

Many of these users online used a popular TikTok audio with the lyrics, “the girls wanna play with boys and the boys wanna play with girls / and the girls wanna play with girls and the boys wanna play with boys” in the videos, lip syncing along to the statements that apparently applied to them.

In Zachary Smith’s original video, which has since been deleted (but can be watched along with his TikTok live explaining the situation in this YouTube video), he implied that he was bisexual.

Similarly, in Ivan Martinez’s also now-deleted video, he implied that he was bisexual as well. Both have addressed the situation online and have trying to clear the air otherwise, but it seems like they missed he mark?

Smith in a YouTube video and a TikTok live, and Martinez on Twitter.

One comment on Smith’s YouTube video reads He never genuinely apologized. He may have said “I’m sorry” but then he goes and blames the viewers and makes it about himself and his self image.  All of this comes just after James tried to host his own search to find a boyfriend on Tik Tok.

In the challenge, TikTokers duet with James Charles in a video, assuming that they too are OBVI gay or on the spectrum of some sort, willingly to compete for his love. In the end, there were tons of submissions, with a select few even going pretty viral on the platform. But this ultimately lead to James telling a people (AKA straight boys) to knock off the queerbaiting on the platform.

One viral submission went on to post Charles’ DMs, the poster claiming he was straight. “So you entered the bachelor of James as a ‘joke’ … and got actually upset when he sent you a cute DM? The level of stupidity here is beyond me,” a tea page tweeted upon finding the TikTok.

Jame responded to the situation saying: “This happens weekly at this point. Some guy slides in my DMs or matches with me claiming they’re interested, we talk for a few days, & once they have enough recorded content for a tik tok or tweet, they post it & claim they’re straight. It’s queerbaiting and it’s pathetic.”

He further went to say “The funniest/most embarrassing part of this is that almost every single one of them actually flirted, sent inappropriate photos, or came crawling back AFTER their post went viral to apologize and say that they were actually still interested 💀 I have my receipts on them all 🤷🏻‍♀️

As for the current situation, yeah we hope all you straight boys on TikTok figure it out soon.